Hi, I’m Siddharth Patil

As a knowledgeable technologist, a proven manager and an aspiring entrepreneur, I’ve led and managed multiple teams in various organisations across different functions. During this journey, I’ve had to acquire numerous skills, imbibe self confidence and evolve as a reliable leader. I was able to achieve all of this in a very short period of time because I came to realize the importance of Self Management. Whether it is in your professional life or personal, management of the self plays a crucial role in determining the outcome of your efforts.

Now, I teach the same principles I have learnt and developed here at siddpatil.com

My efforts will be directed to channeling your energies in actuating your potential.

Who am I?

A prolific learner

I believe that learning is a never ending value addition process that is quintessential for overall self development

A reliable coach

The best way to mastering a subject is teaching it to others. Believe me, you’ll learn more from the one listening when he or she counter questions your understanding of it.

A thoughtful designer

We live in a world with unique experiences and I like to design targeted solutions for any problem.

An inquisitive explorer

No one knows his or her own potential until they test it out. You’d be surprised to know that you’d had it in you. Its just a leap of faith and the willingness to do that matters.

My growth as a Leader

Eternis Fine Chemicals Ltd
(2019 – 2020)
Manufacturing – Manager

Successfully led and groomed a team of technologists for commissioning a brown field project and realization of product sales for one of the Swiss fragrance giants Firmenich.

Vedant Dyestuffs Intermediates Pvt. Ltd
(2011 – 2018)

Manager – Manufacturing / Research and Development

Managed multiple functions in the organisation and successfully doubled the revenue generated from sales by portfolio diversification, productivity improvement and capacity expansion.